Screven CSO: Bully Prevention Workshop on October 17th DJJ Staff  at:  10/12/2012  

Screven County Library

Observance of

National Bullying Prevention Month

“Taking A LOOK at Bullying”

October 17, 2012



Ms. Nolie Burns



Juvenile Justice

October is National Bullying Prevention Month

Join the Hawk Enrichment Center and DJJ in our efforts to educate youth and parents about bullying and how it affects everyone.

The workshop will take place at the Screven County Library located 106 South Community Drive Sylvania, Georgia 30467.  For additional details, call the library at 912-564-7526.

 Theme-"Taking a LOOK at Bullying"





(MUSCOGEE YDC)  Commissioner L. Gale Buckner of the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice announced today that investigators from the newly formed DJJ Intelligence Unit have made the agency’s first arrest of a contraband smuggler under the state’s new felony contraband law.  The arrest could now trigger criminal prosecution resulting in a four-year prison sentence upon conviction.

DJJ Intelligence Investigators took out warrants for 36-year-old Julia Lee Wims of Quitman, Georgia for smuggling a cellphone into the Muscogee Youth Development Campus earlier this year. Investigators charge Wims with making a parental visit to the Muscogee YDC during school graduation ceremonies last summer, concealing an illegal cellphone in her clothing, and having the phone transferred to her teenage child once inside the facility.

Cell phones are prohibited in all state and federal detention facilities in the United States because they are considered a major threat to security.  “What functions as harmless every-day communications equipment on the outside, becomes a dangerous device inside a juvenile detention facility,” said DJJ Commissioner L. Gale Buckner.  “The FBI reports illegal cellphones inside prisons are used for conducting criminal enterprises and violent crimes, threatening witnesses and for committing murders on the outside. On the inside they’re used for coordinating riots, planning escapes, arranging drug deals, and for barter and gambling,” said Commissioner Buckner.

In the two-year period from 2010 to 2012, DJJ Intelligence Officers estimate they seized more than three hundred illegal cellphones inside Georgia’s juvenile detention facilities. The Georgia Department of Corrections confiscated approximately six-thousand contraband cellphones from inside prison fences during 2010 alone. Georgia DOC data shows 508 visitors and 92 staff members have been arrested attempting to smuggle contraband inside Georgia’s adult prisons to date. 

Because of this heightened threat to the safety and security of all Georgia corrections centers, Georgia lawmakers passed special legislation in July 2012 making it a felony to smuggle contraband like cellphones past juvenile detention facility guard lines. The Governor signed SB 366 into law which also makes it a felony to smuggle guns, knives, ammunition, explosive devices, alcohol, and drugs and marijuana into juvenile facilities. 

DJJ Intelligence Investigators say the cellphone smuggled into the Muscogee YDC by suspect Julia Lee Wims was discovered during a recent facility search. They report it was the second time the same YDC detainee was found in possession of a contraband cellphone.  Wims is now being held at the Muscogee County Jail awaiting a bond hearing on the DJJ contraband smuggling charges.  The investigation continues.

The newly formed DJJ Intelligence Unit is a significant feature of the agency restructuring designed by Commissioner L. Gale Buckner during her year-long DJJ leadership. The Commissioner also worked to see the new Georgia contraband legislation become law.

Commissioner Buckner’s core message since her November 2011 appointment by Governor Nathan Deal has emphasized that the critical duty of Juvenile Corrections Officers is to enforce safety and security measures at Georgia’s juvenile justice facilities so both DJJ detainees and staff can be safe in a secure learning environment.




     Special Juvenile Justice Board Meeting Elects Chairman Avery Niles New DJJ Interim Commissioner by Unanimous Vote DJJ Staff  at:  10/3/2012  
Special Juvenile Justice Board Meeting Elects Chairman Avery Niles

New DJJ Interim Commissioner by Unanimous Vote

(DJJ Central Office – ATLANTA- GA)  A special meeting of the Georgia Board of Juvenile Justice was called to convene at 2:00 pm on Wednesday, October 3, 2012 at the DJJ Central Office located at 3408 Covington Highway, Decatur, Georgia 30032.

Agenda items included Commissioner L. Gale Buckner’s announcement of her retirement from state office at the Department of Juvenile Justice effective November 1st, 2012 to assume the post of Chief Magistrate Judge in Murray County, Georgia on November 1st, 2012.

There being a quorum of Board members by teleconference, Agenda items were approved and a Motion was made for nominations for an Interim Commissioner to succeed L. Gale Buckner as DJJ Commissioner upon her retirement November 1st, 2012.

Board Member Spurgeon Ambrose nominated Chairman Avery Niles as Interim Commissioner and Board Member Judge Franklin Rozier seconded the nomination, after which nominations were closed.  

The Governor’s Office advised the Board by teleconference of Governor Nathan Deal’s support for current Board Chairman Avery Niles as Interim Commissioner of the Department of Juvenile Justice.

The Secretary conducted a Roll Call vote and announced the results, naming Avery Niles as Interim DJJ Commissioner to succeed L. Gale Buckner upon her retirement. The vote was unanimous, with one abstention from Chairman Niles.

Chairman Niles will resign from the Board effective October 31st, 2012 and an election of a new Chair will be held during the November 15th, 2012 Board Meeting. Under Georgia Law, the Commissioner is appointed by the Board, subject to the approval of the Governor.




     Georgia's Juvenile Justice Commissioner Announces State Retirement DJJ Staff  at:  10/2/2012  
Georgia’s Juvenile Justice Commissioner Announces State Retirement
L. Gale Buckner to be Named Murray County Chief Magistrate

(DJJ Central Office – ATLANTA -GA) The Commissioner of the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) announced her retirement from state office today to begin a new phase in her lifetime of public service to the citizens of the State of Georgia.

Commissioner L. Gale Buckner announced that effective November 1st, 2012 she will retire from DJJ to assume the post of Chief Magistrate Judge in Murray County, in the part of the state where she began her law enforcement career at the Chatsworth Police Department in 1978.

“As you remember, I was already scheduled to retire November 2011 when Governor Deal asked me to join DJJ,” Commissioner Buckner said in a personal letter to DJJ employees today. The Commissioner says her entire mission when appointed by the Governor last November was to work with the DJJ leadership team at a time when the agency was in crisis mode due to safety and security deficiencies.

 “I have stayed with DJJ until that crisis was corrected and I am satisfied the agency is operating on a stable path,” said Commissioner Buckner. “Now I am Guided to retire from State service after 31+ years and to begin a career in local government. After much prayer, I knew God wanted me to serve in this new role and I have heeded that call.”

In her personal letter to DJJ employees, Commissioner Buckner told more than four-thousand correctional staff members across the state that she has been appointed to fill the unexpired term of the former Chief Magistrate Judge in Murray County.

Now, with the same hands-on leadership style that has come to earn Buckner the title of a professional troubleshooter, she told her statewide staff, “It is exciting to fill this new Murray County position which is currently under investigation due to allegations of impropriety in that local office.”

Buckner says her new round-trip commute will now be just three miles to work rather than her current 200-mile commute from her North Georgia home to DJJ Central Office in Decatur. She told DJJ Staff, “I have mixed emotions about leaving the service of Governor Deal’s Administration and leaving each of you who hold such a tremendous place in my heart. Serving as your Commissioner has been my greatest honor in my 34+ year law enforcement career.

During that career, Buckner has served as a GBI Special Agent, the Executive Director of the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, and as Chair and Vice Chair of the State Board of Pardons & Paroles.

Buckner will assume the position of Chief Magistrate of the Murray County Magistrate Court as appointed by the Superior Court Judges on November 1, 2012.


     Notice of Board of Juvenile Justice Special Open Meeting --October 3rd DJJ Staff  at:  10/2/2012  

Notice of Board of Juvenile Justice Special Open Meeting

Pursuant to the terms of O.C.G.A. § 50-14-1, notice is hereby given to the public that a special open meeting of the Board of Juvenile Justice is scheduled to convene at 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, October 3, 2012. 

The meeting will be held in the Board Room at 3408 Covington Highway, Decatur, Georgia 30032. 

If you require accommodations call 404-508-8733.



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