Monroe County CSI and Operation Back to School DJJ Staff  at:  8/9/2012  

Each year, the Monroe County Board of Education coordinates the Operation Back to School which is sponsored by Channel 13 WMAZ news.  The project is designed to help provide school supplies for kids that are in need.  The event was held on July 19, 2012. Monroe CSI staff (WC Lynwood JPPS II, Lawanda Carswell JPPS II, Deneen Patterson JPPS III) participated by volunteering at our local Wal-Mart in Forsyth.  Individuals shopped for school supplies while in the store and stopped by each worker's area to donate their supplies.  This partnership is one of many collaboration between our office and community stakeholders. 


     Effingham County CSO Back to School Night For Working Families Event on August 16th DJJ Staff  at:  8/9/2012  

On Thursday, August 16, 2012, the Effingham County Court Services Office (CSO) will partner with the United Way's Center for Working Families and the Effingham County Recreation Department in hosting a "Back to School Night".  This special event will help to provide free school supplies to children of need in the region.

The event will take place from 5 p.m. until 8 p.m. at the Effingham County Recreation Department located at 808 Highway 119 South in Springfield, Georgia.  Children must be present to receive donations while supplies last.

Enter a free raffle for a chance to win stuffed book bags and gym bags.  Free information on Family Services will be available.

For more information contact Mrs. Bradshaw at 912-826-5300, extension 34. 

An event flyer can be downloaded here at:


     Department of Juvenile Justice Board Meeting on August 22nd DJJ Staff  at:  8/8/2012  

(Decatur, Georgia)--Pursuant to the terms of O.C.G.A. § 50-14-1, notice is hereby given to the public that the monthly meeting of the Board of Juvenile Justice for August 2012 is scheduled to convene at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, August 22, 2012 at the Eastman Youth Development Center, located at:

Eastman Youth Development Center
176 Freamon Graham Blvd.
Eastman, Georgia 31023-8003
Phone: 478-374-6900

The meeting will recess later that day and reconvene at the same location at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, August 23, 2012. The agenda for the meeting can be downloaded at:


NOTE: If you are an individual with a disability who may require assistance, please contact the Office of Communications at (404) 508-7147. In addition, the October Board Meetings has been moved to Thursday, October 18th. The meeting tentatively is scheduled to be held at the Covington Highway facility starting at 10 a.m.


     Department of Juvenile Justice On-line TIP Line Form DJJ Staff  at:  8/2/2012  

Department of Juvenile Justice On-line TIP Line Form

Effective Wednesday, August 1st, 2012, the DJJ Intelligence Unit introduces the web-based online TIP line. Now, if you see something, you can say something to protect your workplace while protecting your identity too.

The new TIP Form is available to all DJJ employees and to the public.

This new link is a critical security tool where state employees and the public can submit information on all types of relevant intelligence activities or incidents that can impact the safety and security of Juveniles and Staff in a DJJ Secure Facility, Court Service Office or Multi Service Center.

TIP’s can be submitted completely anonymously or if you want, you can include your contact information.  Submitted TIPS will be reviewed by the DJJ INTELLIGENCE UNIT ONLY and will remain in strict confidence.

Now you can help fight crime with the DJJ On-line TIP line Form. 

TIP Forms can be accessed now through the DJJ website under Employees/Business Links.     

Just follow the instructions listed at on how to submit a TIP.   Or if you have any questions, please contact Intelligence Analyst Mattie Metcalf at 404-508-6671.




     Department of Juvenile Justice Completes First "Sergeants Academy" DJJ Staff  at:  8/2/2012  


(Georgia Juvenile Justice Training Academy – FORSYTH-GA)  The Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice is pleased to announce the completion of this agency’s first-ever “Sergeants Academy” at the Georgia Juvenile Justice Training Academy in Forsyth, Georgia. The graduation of thirty-four sergeants, captains and lieutenants at the new Sergeants Academy marks the launch of a challenging new advanced correctional officer training course designed to mold and motivate DJJ’s front line supervisors.

The DJJ Sergeants Academy was designed specifically to enhance critical leadership skills for Correctional Officers in Georgia’s juvenile justice system.   Each class will seat a minimum of twenty-seven candidates – One from each Department of Juvenile Justice secure facility at a DJJ Youth Development Campus or DJJ Regional Youth Detention Center around the state.

“Outstanding Sergeants Academy graduates will be recognized and each class will conclude with a formal graduation and reception,” said DJJ Commissioner L. Gale Buckner. “We have designed this new Academy to advance the professional development of every agency supervisor. The courses help identify and enhance the primary skills that every officer in charge must develop to be effective in their chain of command.”

The Commissioner addressed the hand-picked contingent during their first week of leadership training and underlined the importance of safety and security policy at DJJ secure facilities.  “Courage is contagious,” she said, quoting advice from motivational speaker Reverend Billy Graham.  “When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are often stiffened,” she said.

The Commissioner repeated her core message that it is the critical duty of DJJ Correctional Officers to make education and socialization programs possible by enforcing security measures at Georgia’s juvenile justice facilities so that youth in custody and staff can all feel safe in a secure learning environment.
The Sergeants Academy two week curriculum keeps focus on course content like Command Presence, Fitness for Duty and Ethical Leadership. The leadership program is designed to provide DJJ’s newly promoted Juvenile Correctional Sergeants and rising Juvenile Correctional Officers with knowledge and skills they need to fulfill their supervisory position responsibilities.

Candidates in Sergeants Academy Class 001 were subjected to twenty situational exercises to test their endurance under stressful conditions. Instructors assess their decision-making and policy knowledge in test scenarios similar to those new supervisors might actually find in real-life encounters at juvenile detention facilities.

Throughout this special eighty-hour training school, Sergeants Academy classmates are reminded of their responsibilities as role models to “lead by example”.  Their new motto headlines a gold and blue banner that dominates the classroom – “BE-KNOW-DO”.

’BE-KNOW-DO’ – May be just three words on a banner, but for these Juvenile Correctional Officers, those words represent big values of loyalty, duty, respect and the service, honor and personal courage they bring to this challenging career,” said Commissioner Buckner.

“’BE’,” she explained, “Refers to leaders as people.  ‘KNOW’ is what those leaders know..  And ‘DO’ refers to the actions of those leaders,” said Buckner.  “The Sergeants Academy will help us build a dedicated cadre of Juvenile Correctional Officers who can BE and KNOW and DO what it takes to influence positive change at DJJ.”

“The Command Staff at the Department of Juvenile Justice was encouraged by the motivation and enthusiasm of the graduates of Class 001,” said Terry Edge, Assistant Director of the DJJ Office of Training. “Now our instructors will review the concentrated course curriculum looking for places to tweak and improve for the next class,” Edge said.

Rose Williams is Commandant of the DJJ Sergeants Academy. Commandant Williams said, “The Department of Juvenile Justice views the new Sergeants Academy training concept as a successful new model for developing advanced Correctional Staff professionalism and leadership for its facilities throughout the state.”

The following roster of sixteen Captains, sixteen Lieutenants and two sergeants left the ranks of DJJ’s first Sergeants Academy at the Georgia Juvenile Justice Training Academy to help fill the ranks of DJJ’s Correctional Staff at twenty-seven secure facilities across the state:


Lt. Jamie D. Allen                               DeKalb Regional Youth Detention Center
Lt. Kenneth Appleberry                       Gwinnett Regional Youth Detention Center
Capt. Derrick Bell                               Atlanta Youth Development Campus
Lt. Joseph Brittain                               Paulding Regional Youth Detention Center
Lt. Teresa Brown                                Albany Regional Youth Detention Center
Lt. Vangila Carter                                Claxton Regional Youth Detention Center
Lt. Mario Ellison                                  Metro Regional Youth Detention Center
Capt. Preston Ellison                          Augusta Regional Youth Detention Center 
Sgt. Ruby Foster                                 Waycross Regional Youth Detention Center 
Capt. Dewayne Hardeman                 Crisp Regional Youth Detention Center
Capt. John Harp                                 DeKalb Regional Youth Detention Center   
Lt. Douglas Hartline                            Elbert Shaw Regional Youth Detention Center
Capt. Covery Hill                                Sumter Youth Development Campus
Lt. Jeannette Hunter                           Sandersville Regional Youth Detention Center
Capt. Norbert Ingram                         Milan Youth Development Campus
Lt. William H. Jefferson Jr.                 Bob Richards Regional Youth Detention Center
Lt. Janice Jones                                  Macon Youth Development Campus
Lt. Roy Lango Jr.                                Metro Regional Youth Detention Center
Capt. Natondra S. Mann                     Macon Regional Youth Detention Center
Capt. Marvin Menafee                         Muscogee Youth Development Campus
Lt. Lemuel Peterson                            Gwinnett Regional Youth Detention Center
Lt. Todd Pound                                   Eastman Regional Youth Detention Center
Capt. Christopher Raiford                   Bob Richards Regional Youth Detention Center
Sgt. Dan Roberts                                Gainesville Regional Youth Detention Center
Lt. Abdul M. Saleem                           Savannah Regional Youth Detention Center
Capt. Ricky A. Smiley                         Augusta Youth Development Campus
Capt. Silas C. Smith                           Aaron Cohn Regional Youth Detention Center
Capt. Dana Snell                                 Martha K. Glaze Regional Youth Detention Center
Capt. Rotosha Switzer                        Gwinnett Regional Youth Detention Center
Capt. Marla D. Tucker                        Milan Youth Development Campus
Lt. Marie Washington                          Loftiss Regional Youth Detention Center
Capt. Keith Wynn                                Eastman Youth Development Campus
Capt. Marquis Young                          Savannah Regional Youth Detention Center
Lt. Rodney G. Young Sr.                    Marietta Regional Youth Detention Center





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