taking charge as a security emergency response team member

Effective June 2012, the Department of Juvenile Justice announced that all secure facilities may operate a Security Emergency Response Team (SERT) to assist other staff and enhance facility safety and security.


The duties of these Security Emergency Response Teams include, but are not limited to responding to incidents involving violent or uncooperative youth who refuse to comply with directives that threaten the safety and security of the facility;

    • Coordinating and conducting systematic and unscheduled searches of the facility for contraband;
    • Preventing escapes, controlling contraband, and maintaining order within the facility;

    • Escorting youth who display assaultive behavior patterns inside the facility;
    • Responding to any leads pertaining to contraband in or entering the facility and taking action to remove and/or prevent contraband from entering the facility;

    • Assisting with selected youth for medical appointments, psychological evaluations, and other off-site appointments and assisting in the use of therapeutic restraints once ordered by mental health staff.