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PREA Sign Up Sheet for Non Residential Providers in Georgia

As part of implementing the Federal PREA standards release by the United States Department of Justice; Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice are requiring all Community Residential Providers with less than 51% of DJJ youth and Non-Residential Providers to complete the PREA video training. The Intelligence Unit has partner with the Office of Communications to develop an online sign-in roster to log the viewing of the video. The video titled, “Keeping Our Kids Safe: The Prison Rape Elimination Act and Juvenile Justice” is an overview of PREA and the requirement of the law.

Upon completion of reviewing this video, participants will understand that maintaining a safe environment for youth and staff is a high priority for Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice. Participants will:

1.       Understand the purpose of the PREA video.

2.       Understand that sexual activities and sexual assaults between youth and staff or between youth are against DJJ policies, state, and federal laws.

3.       Understand that all reported sexual assaults must be taken seriously, documented, reported and investigated.

4.       Examine the agency effort to help prosecute sexual aggressors.

5.       Program rules/policies and reporting sexual behaviors by staff and/or youth are likely to reduce the incidents in the programs.

Some segments of the video maybe troubling due to the emotionally charged topic of sexual assault. The agency recognizes that some people may have experienced past trauma in their lives and that scenes from the video could trigger behaviors and/or emotions associated with trauma effects; such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), anger, crying or withdrawal. If you have any of these feelings, please seek assistance through your employer. Please do not hesitate to use any resources to help with the trauma.

For convenience, the video has been linked and divided into two parts below. After viewing both parts, please take the time to fill out the sign-in roster located on the bottom of the page.




Thank you for your understanding and participation.  Should you have any other questions, please visit the DJJ PREA website at

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