DJJ Double Dutch: Fitness in the Facilities DJJ Staff  at:  8/21/2014  


Metro Regional Youth Detention Center (Metro RYDC) youth were jumping for joy with the recent visit of Michelle Clark, Founder of Double Dutch Aerobics and a World Champion Double Dutch athlete.

Michelle Clark from Double Dutch Aerobics

Double Dutch Aerobics is the latest fitness craze sweeping America. Combining elite fitness training with jump rope skill, Double Dutch is a calorie burning workout that tests your physical mettle and can leave you tied up in knots. The youth at the Metro RYDC were smiling as they were sweating once they learned that Double Dutch Aerobics is no mere kids game.

Statewide Security Risk Group Coordinator Monique Brandenburg showing her Double Dutch moves

As a Double Dutch World Champion, Michelle Clark and her husband Shawn act as ambassadors for the sport across the country in addition to their studio classes in Atlanta and New York City. As guests of the Metro RYDC, Michelle and Shawn were impressed by the eagerness and Double Dutch skill of youth and staff alike.

The Metro RYDC would like to thank Michelle and Shawn Clark again for their time and dedication to teaching Double Dutch Aerobics to our youth and staff. Special thanks to Statewide SRG Coordinator Monique Brandenburg for coordinating this event.




     DJJ Federal Programs Update: Title I Annual Meeting on August 25th DJJ Staff  at:  8/21/2014  


The Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice School District and Georgia Preparatory Academy will host the District Title I Annual Meeting on August 25th starting at 4:30 p.m. at the Metro Regional Youth Detention Center located at 1300 Constitution Road SE in Atlanta. The Title I Annual Meeting is an opportunity for parents and the general public to learn more about federal programs provided by the Department of Juvenile Justice's school system. The meeting will also serve as an information session for the Georgia Preparatory Academy's Parental Involvement Plan.

Title I is a federally funded program for elementary, middle, and high schools across the country designed to ensure that all children have a fair and equal opportunity to high-quality education. Through an enriched and accelerated educational program, Title I provides extra help to those students who need it most.

Attendees to the meeting are encouraged to participate in discussion and share their ideas and thoughts on Title I. For more information on the District Title I Annual Meeting, contact Keshia Douglas at 404-272-6008 or via email at .

REMINDER: Since the Title I Annual Meeting will take place at the Metro Regional Youth Detention Center, all visitors will be subject to search and must leave personal belongings including cellphones locked in their vehicles as a condition of entry into the facility.




     DJJ and SPLASH: The 2014 Georgia Water Safety Initiative DJJ Staff  at:  8/18/2014  

DJJ and SPLASH: The 2014 Georgia Water Safety Initiative

This summer, the Department of Juvenile Justice is proud to partner with Georgia's Children's Cabinet for the Georgia Water Safety Initiative. Named SPLASH for







This year's Georgia Water Safety Initiative seeks to prevent injuries and deaths to Georgia youth in pools, lakes, and anywhere young people will be swimming or playing in or near water this summer. The Department of Juvenile Justice for its part placed SPLASH posters throughout its facilities and community services offices across the state and hosted events educating youth on water safety.


On July 22nd, representatives from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources served as guest speakers for the Georgia Water Safety Initiative for youth at the Augusta YDC and Augusta RYDC. Students were provided information, guidelines, and tool and how to handle themselves around various bodies of water in Georgia including local pools and waterparks.

Among the speakers from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources were Sergeant Max Boswell and Corporal Ben Payne. Sergeant Boswell and Corporal Payne educated the local youth on water safety guidelines as well as the potential dangers that one could face when proper safety precautions are not considered around bodies of water.


Late July 2014 saw representatives of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources visit the Gainesville RYDC to continue the water safety outreach and education. DNR Corporal Jason Roberson provided an overview of his role as a Law Enforcement Agent including what a typical day would be like as a Park Ranger at a Georgia State Park lake. During his demonstration, Corporal Roberson taught the youth about the safety life jackets available and how to properly practice wearing a safety life jacket while on the water.

Youth at the Gainesville RYDC were interested and engaged as Corporal Roberson gave his presentation on water safety. Many of the youth were heard stating that "they didn't know that Park Rangers did as much as they do" on a daily basis and that "they enjoyed learning something" during the presentation that will help them "become better swimmers". Youth at the facility also signed Water Safety Pledges to maintain awareness around bodies of water after listening to Corporal Roberson's presentation.


The American Red Cross is one of the premiere teachers of water safety in the United States and the Macon RYDC and YDC were fortunate to have Mrs. Rachel Taylor, Swimming Instructor from the Red Cross of Macon, instruct the youth on swimming safety.

Youth were educated on the importance of always swimming with a buddy, how to properly dive into pools off of the diving board, and bad weather protocols such as getting out of the pool at the first sound of thunder. Safety information was provided on how to test a body of water when giving infants and young children baths and the reason for not leaving children alone in any amount of water.

Many of the Macon RYDC and YDC youth reported either not knowing how to swim themselves or having younger sibilings who could not swim. In addition, after the presentation, many youth inquired about the process on how to become certified lifeguards by the American Red Cross.

For more information on the Georgia Water Safety Initiative, visit them at:







     Greater Albany RYDC: Summer Fun Down South DJJ Staff  at:  8/14/2014  

Greater Albany RYDC: Summer Fun Down South

While the weather is always hot in Georgia in the summertime, it is downright scorching in Albany with all the events taking place at the Greater Albany RYDC. With all the work and activities among the youth, community, and volunteers, the Greater Albany RYDC is where the action never stops for DJJ in 2014.


Working with Albany State University, Greater Albany RYDC Assistant Director Tara Fields and Volunteer Coordinator Anesia Oliver became partners with the Criminal Justice Club and Criminal Justice & Forensic Science Department on campus. The honor was bestowed for their dedication and hard work volunteering with university staff and students. Both Ms. Fields and Ms. Oliver look forward to continuing the partnership in the months and years to come.


Promoting a healthy lifestyle is an important component of life for both the staff and youth of the Greater Albany RYDC. As such, it is not surprising that the excitement level was bumped up a notch or two when Kris Morrill, Devin Griffin, and John Germany from World Camp Crossfilt came out to the facility for some exciting fitness fun.

Crossfit is a core strength and conditioning program. The workouts are short with the intensity scaled to the age and levels of fitness. While the exercise routines were strenuous, the youth and staff at the Greater Albany RYDC were up to the challenge.

A special treat for the youth of the Greater Albany RYDC was the visit of Kris Morrill's "kids", gentle giant pet Rottweilers. Named Max, Oly, and Mo, the Rottweilers were allowed to play and run with the Greater Albany RYDC youth during the Crossfit exercise. Since Kris Morrill believes Rottweiler’s have an undeserved overly aggressive reputation, Kris is on a personal mission to prove that the breed is actually both loving and loveable. The Crossfit Team took the time to educate the staff and youth on the proper care and treatment of animals.


As a way to beat the heat, the Greater Albany RYDC hosted a FUN IN THE SUN DAY for the youth and staff. Water slides and dunking booths provided just the right cool down to make for a great day. The Albany Police Department and Albany Gang Task Force also stopped on by to talk with everyone in a relaxed setting.


While you might have heard of "Snakes on a Plane", did you know that there was such a thing as "Snakes at DJJ"? Incredible but true, the folks at the Greater Albany RYDC got a slithery surprise as Bob Vu of Bob's Balls stopped by to show off his array of ball pythons and other reptiles. Education was the name of the visit as what started off as a scary experience turned into one of wonder and excitement as youth and staff alike learned more about these beautiful and rare creatures.




     DJJ Commissioner Niles on Georgia Focus Radio Show This Weekend DJJ Staff  at:  8/14/2014  

DJJ Commissioner Niles to be Special Guest on Georgia Focus Program This Weekend

Commissioner Avery D. Niles will be the special interview guest on the “Georgia Focus” public affairs program on the Georgia News Network this weekend. The 30-minute “Georgia Focus” radio show is heard on 121 radio stations around the state, so the broadcast can probably be heard on a station near most of DJJ's secure facilities. See the list of DJJ facilities and corresponding radio stations at the end of this article.

Commissioner Niles covers a wide variety of topics in his interview.. from the launch of the new Chaplaincy Office and agency-wide Ombudsman problem-solver, to DJJ’s new Reentry Program and Career Guidance Centers.

The Commissioner speaks about the decrease in Georgia’s juvenile offender population under the new Juvenile Justice Reform Law, the increase in new personnel hired under H-R’s stepped-up recruiting campaign, and the special partnership with the Governor’s Office to provide returning veterans with real employment opportunities at DJJ as they reenter the civilian workforce.

Commissioner Niles promotes agency efforts to provide special events and special services to Georgia communities – outside the Department of Juvenile Justice -- to help prevent new generations of juvenile offenders from developing criminal records and gang connections.

He describes Community Service Initiatives like the “National Night Out Against Crime”, the “Special Olympics Torch Run”, and “National Crime Victim’s Rights Week” as programs that focus on the healing needs of Georgia neighborhoods. He reports upon the success of statewide community support projects where statewide DJJ Staff Members contribute new toys at Christmas for disadvantaged kids, then they collect 30-thousand canned goods meals for community food banks in winter, and refill back-to-school backpacks in the fall.

Niles also discusses details of innovative programs inside the secure gates and closed circuit camera surveillanced classrooms of Georgia’s Juvenile Justice System. New Mentoring Projects, Gang Awareness Training and Therapeutic Animal Rescue Projects involving DJJ youth are being offered along with Girl Scout training, Elder Abuse Workshops and a National Jump Rope Champion event.

Commissioner Niles said the Georgia News Network interview, hosted by GNN moderator John Clark, provides a rare opportunity for a positive inside look at the many innovative projects and programs where DJJ Staff are trying to open the way to new futures for youth in the custody of the State of Georgia. He complimented the determination of DJJ Security Staff to provide more than the basic Safety and Security needs of Georgia’s troubled youth.

Below is a suggested guide for where to find participating GNN stations closest to your secure facility this weekend and the schedules they will broadcast the half-hour DJJ interview with Commissioner Avery D. Niles. Note that while listening to these stations you may hear DJJ’s radio campaign spot recruiting eligible candidates for current positions available statewide at the Department of Juvenile Justice. Thanks for all you do for DJJ! “One Team – One Mission”


Albany RYDC

WGEX-FM      97.3                 Albany           11:30pm/Sat

WOBB-FM      100.3               Albany             7:30am//Sun

WJIZ-FM         96.3                 Albany             6:30am/Sun

WJYZ-AM       960                  Albany             6:30am/Sun

WJAD-FM       103.5               Albany             6:00am/Sun

WKAK-FM      104.5               Albany             6:00am/Sun

WNUQ-FM     101.7               Albany             6:00am/Sun

WQVE-FM      105.5               Albany             6:00am/Sun

WEGC-FM      107.7               Albany             6:00am/Sun

WALG-AM      1590                Albany             6:00am/Sun

WGPC-AM     1450                Albany             6:00am/Sun


Aaron Cohn RYDC, Midland       Muscogee YDC, Midland 

WISK-FM        98.7                 Americus                     5:30am/Sat

WDEC-FM      94.7                 Americus                     5:30am/Sat                

WXKO-AM      1150                Ft. Valley                     8:00am/Sun

WXKO-AM      105.1               Ft. Valley                     8:00am/Sun


Augusta RYDC           &                 Augusta YDC

WZNY-FM      102.3               Augusta           8:00am/Sun

WBBQ-FM      104.3               Augusta           7:00am/Sun

WEKL-FM       105.7               August             8:00am/Sun

WPRW-FM     107.7               Augusta           11:00pm/Sun

WEZO-AM      1230                Augusta           6:00am/Sun


Atlanta YDC, College Park         Metro RYDC, Atlanta

DeKalb RYDC, Decatur                Marietta RYDC

Rockdale RYDC, Conyers           Martha K. Glaze RYDC, Clayton County

WGST-AM      640                  Atlanta             8:30am/Sun

WWLG-FM     96.7                 Atlanta             7:00am/Sun

WWPW-FM    96.1                 Atlanta             6:00am/Sun

WUBL -FM     94.9                 Atlanta             5:00am/Sun

WRDA-FM      105.7               Atlanta             7:00am/Sun


Bob Richards RYDC, Floyd County

WZQZ -AM     1180                Summerville    6:00pm/Sat&Sun


Claxton RYDC

WCLA-AM      1470                Claxton            8:30am/Sun

WCLA-FM       93.7                 Claxton            8:30am/Sun

WGHC-AM     1400                Clayton            7:00am/Sun

WGHC-FM     100.3               Clayton            7:00am/Sun


Crisp RYDC, Cordele

WSSY-FM      98.3                 Cordele           6:00am/Sun


Eastman RYDC                               Eastman YDC

WMCG-FM     104.9               Milan               7:00am/Sun

WDXQ-AM     1440                Cochran          7:00am/Sun

WDXQ-FM      96.7                 Cochran          7:00am/Sun

WYPZ-FM       107.5               Cochran          6:00am/Sun


Elbert Shaw RYDC, Dalton

WBLJ-AM       1230                Dalton              7:30am/Sun

WYYU-FM      104.5               Dalton              730am/Sun

WZQZ -AM     1180                Summerville    6:00pm/Sat&Sun


Gainesville RYDC

WDUN-AM     550                  Gainesville      12:05pm/Sun

WGGA-AM     1240                Gainesville      10:00am/Sun

WGTJ-AM      1330                Murrayville      9:05am/Fri      

WJJC-AM       1270                Commerce      6:40am/Sun


Judge Thomas Jefferson Loftiss II RYDC, Thomasville

WPAX -AM     1240                Thomasville     9:00am/Sun

WTUF-FM       106.3               Thomasville     9:00am/Sun

WGMY-FM     107.1               Thomasville     7:00am/Sun


Macon RYDC                                   Macon YDC

WBML-AM      900                  Macon             8:00am/Sun

WQBZ-FM      106.3               Macon             7:00am/Sun

WRBV-FM      101.7               Macon             7:00am/Sun

WIBB-AM        1280                Macon             7:00am/Sat

WIBB-FM        97.9                 Macon             7:30am/Sun

WPCH-FM      96.5                 Macon             7:00am/Sun

WPLA-AM       1670                Macon             7:00am/Sun


Milan YDC, Telfair County

WMCG-FM     104.9               Milan               7:00am/Sun


Sandersville RYDC

WSNT-FM      99.9                 Sandersville    9:05am/Sun


Savannah RYDC

 WTKS -AM     1290                Savannah        6:00am/Sun

WTKS-FM       97.7                 Savannah        6:00am/Sun

WAEV-FM      97.3                 Savannah        6:00am/Sun

WYKZ-FM       98.7                 Savannah        6:00am/Sun

WSEG-AM      1400                Savannah        6:00am/Sun

WSEG-FM      104.3               Savannah        6:00am/Sun


Sumter YDC, Americus

WISK-FM        98.7                 Americus         5:30am/Sat

WDEC-FM      94.7                 Americus         5:30am/Sat                


Waycross RYDC

WWUF-FM     97.7                 Waycross        7:15am/Sun

WBTY-FM       98.7                 Homerville     12:05pm/Sat

WDMG-FM     97.9                 Douglas           6:00am/Sun

WIFO-FM        105.5               Jesup             5:30am/Sun

WLOP -AM     1370                Jesup              5:30am/Sun   

WSFN -AM     790                  Brunswick       6:00am/Sun

WSFN-FM      106.5               Brunswick       6:00am/Sun





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