DJJ Career Fairs Planned Around Georgia DJJ Staff  at:  3/10/2014  


Department of Juvenile Justice Scouting for Veteran Recruits

(STATEWIDE - GA) Georgia military personnel returning from duty are in big demand at the Department of Juvenile Justice as a vanguard of representatives from DJJ Human Resources is reaching out across the state this spring to veterans who are looking for work.

DJJ is participating in six job fairs around the state before the end of March, searching for veterans to apply. DJJ provides a unique opportunity for service members to apply their discipline, deployment experience, and leadership skills to establish a positive influence on the lives of Georgia youth under their care.

The March 13th job fair at Albany State University is next in a schedule of several upcoming statewide initiatives designed to help an estimated wave of 80-thousand Georgia veterans expected to enter the state’s workforce by 2016.

March 13, 2014 Time: 10AM – 2PM
Albany State University, Albany, GA
Location: J.C. Reese Building, Suite 221

DJJ has hosted or participated in dozens of similar job fairs for returning veterans during the past couple years with experienced hiring staff on hand to answer questions from qualified candidates. After Albany, comes a major job fair at Ft. Gordon in the Northern Region of the state:

March 20, 2014 Time: 10AM -2PM
Fort Gordon Veteran’s Career Fair
Location: Fort Gordon
Location: TBD

Recruiters are looking for competent candidates to hire for a wide range of career positions including administration, transportation, communications, probation, I-T, engineering, counseling, maintenance, and correctional officers. Also on May 20th, is the Fair at Clayton State University:

March 20, 2014 Time: 12PM – 3PM
Clayton State University Career Fair
Location: Student Activities Center

Why are veterans such a sought-after commodity in the Georgia job market? Commissioner Avery D. Niles at the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice says it’s because from deployment to employment, veterans are typically candidates who can distinguish themselves in any job description.

“Veterans bring discipline, maturity, experience and leadership skills to your work place,” says DJJ Commissioner Niles. “That makes them the kind of candidate we’re seeking most for positions involving responsibility and trust.” On March 25th, DJJ recruiters will be in Kennesaw:

March 25, 2014 Time: 12PM -4PM
Kennesaw State University Career Fair
Location: Convocation Center, Arena Floor (Campus map, Building 2)

“The State of Georgia is an excellent career destination,” says Commissioner Niles. “Veterans understand discipline and take pride in their work. Special skill sets learned in the armed forces can seamlessly carry over into these new correctional careers.” DJJ will be in Conyers on March 27th:

March 27, 2014 Time: 10PM -2PM
Springfield Career Fair
Location: 1877 Iris Drive, Conyers, GA 30013

“The Department of Juvenile Justice is proud to offer new opportunities to these men and women who have served their country. All of Georgia’s state agencies are privileged to open new career paths to our U.S. veterans,” says Commissioner Niles.

The Department of Juvenile Justice supports Governor Nathan Deal’s ‘Hire a Georgia Veteran Campaign’ and has signed the Governor’s pledge to provide enhanced hiring opportunities for veterans.

DJJ offers a one-time Military Salary Increase Incentive to current and former military service members on eligible job titles, who have served on active duty. To be eligible, service members must have an Honorable Discharge. The one-time incentive is based upon the current number of active duty years served. Governor Deal has pledged one of Georgia’s top priorities is to ensure these heroes find meaningful employment as they return home.

The Department of Juvenile Justice has career opportunities available for Administrative positions, Corrections and Transportation Officers, Security Emergency Response Teams, Probation and Parole Specialists, Registered Nurses and Physicians, Professional Social Workers, Special Education Teachers and more.

For more information about careers at DJJ click on Click on the section about DJJ Careers for Veterans.




     One from and for the Heart: Colquitt CSO DJJ Staff  at:  3/7/2014  


(Top left to right) Terrance Calloway, JPPS III; Charles Sneed, JPPS II; Clay Newton, JPPS II. (Bottom left to right) Jean Ruis, RPS PA; Janet Pineiro, JPM; Vanessa Dawson, JPPS II; Megan Boyd, PA; Tammie Robinson, PA.

During February, most people identify hearts with Valentine's Day and romantic love. For the community-oriented leaders of the Colquitt Court Services Office (Colquitt CSO), February hearts equal good health and love of fitness with a celebration of American Heart Month.

American Heart Month is the time of the year when awareness is raised on the dangers of heart disease and how people can prevent heart dangers and manage existing heart conditions.

(Left to right) Jean Ruis, RPS PA; Vanessa Dawson, JPPS II; Terrance Calloway, JPPS III; Clay Newton, JPPS II; Janet Pineiro, JPM; Megan Boyd, PA; Charles Sneed, JPPS II; Tammie Robinson, PA.

Staff at the Colquitt CSO observed American Heart Month by raising awareness through a "healthy heart" walk through the streets of Moultrie in distinctive red and providing information on heart disease prevention to the locals downtown. The walk also help the Colquitt CSO team to discuss and implement different ways that their office could become more heart health conscious themselves.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States with 1 in 4 deaths caused by heart disease each year. Join the Colquitt CSO staff in helping to reduce the dangers that heart disease can present. To learn more about the American Heart Association and how you can improve the heart and overall health of your community, visit





     DJJ Employee Recognition: Elbert Shaw RYDC DJJ Staff  at:  3/5/2014  

DJJ Employee Recognition: Elbert Shaw RYDC

(Story from Rebecca Galloway, Instructor II/Volunteer Coordinator, Elbert Shaw RYDC)

During the end of the month staff meeting at the Elbert Shaw Regional Youth Detention Center, several staff members were recognized and honored for their years of service within the Department of Juvenile Justice. Among the honorees included:

Mrs. Sandra Burch, AOC I - Five Year Service Certificate
Mrs. Tiny Williams, Kitchen Services – Ten Year Service Certificate
Mrs. Dana Jilani, Teacher – Fifteen Year Service Certificate
Mrs. Janetta Letson-McCoy, Special Education Teacher – Twenty Year Service Certificate

In addition to the service awards, Mrs. Stephanie Morrison was acknowledged for her dedication during the most recent weather storm. During the winter alert, Mrs. Morrison went above and beyond in preparing meals for the students and ensuring that all youth in her care were properly served and cared for during the event. Assistant Director Douglas Hartline and Regional Administrator Martha Dalesio also attended the monthly staff meeting. Lt. Dana Sisk was presented with her newly acquired lieutenant bars by both Mr. Hartline and Ms. Dalesio.

Congratulations to everyone honored at this month’s meeting!




     Elbert Shaw RYDC: Reading Celebration at the Blue Ridge Elementary School DJJ Staff  at:  3/4/2014  


(Story from Rebecca Galloway, Instructor II/Volunteer Coordinator, Elbert Shaw RYDC)

On March 3rd, Elbert Shaw RYDC Director Bobby Hughes, Juvenile Correctional Officer Jason Hope and Instructor Rebecca Galloway had the opportunity to take part in the 110th Dr. Seuss Birthday Celebration at the Blue Ridge Elementary School in Dalton. Each of them chose a Dr. Suess book to share with a class. Officer Hope got to read with a 3rd grade class while Mr. Hughes and Mrs. Galloway each got to read with a 4th grade class. The students were interactive and asked questions about the book shared with them.

At the Elbert Shaw Regional Youth Detention Center, giving back to the community through volunteering is an important part of our mission.




     Georgia Preparatory Academy: Integrating Technology DJJ Staff  at:  3/4/2014  


In the last few months, the Georgia Preparatory Academy has made a priority of the direct implementation of technology into the instruction of students in classrooms. The two main focal points for this technological push have been the Kindle Tablet Pilot Project and the installation of Promethean Interactive Learning Boards in select Department of Juvenile Justice facilities.

The Kindle Tablet Pilot Project, where Kindle Readers are provided to DJJ youth, has begun in five facilities across Georgia. The Kindles are being used to start book clubs for students including a disabled student book club at the Atlanta YDC and the Drop Everything and Read program in multiple facilities.

The Drop Everything and Read innovative reading program is focused on increasing academic achivement throughout all DJJ facilities. This program helps to reduce the so-called "summer slide" achievement gap that can affect disproportionally Georgia's disadvantaged youth. By getting students to enjoy reading, these same students begin to enjoy other types of learning as well.

The Georgia Preparatory Academy is also one of the leaders in the state in the use of Promethean Interactive Learning Boards. The Interactive Learning Boards are electronic whiteboards which combine pen and multi-touch functionality, integrated sound and software. The combined board effects help create an all-in-one immersive and interactive learing environment for youth in DJJ classrooms.

While many of the students of the Georgia Preparatory Academy are hard to reach through traditional teaching methods, the installation of the state-of-the art classroom equipment such as the Promethean Boards and Kindles bring a whole new dimension to learning that can help the education staff make breakthroughs in teaching. For more information on the Georgia Preparatory Academy's commitment to technology in the classroom, visit them on the web at




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