Albany RYDC: Breast Cancer Awareness Luncheon DJJ Staff  at:  11/9/2015  
Albany RYDC: Breast Cancer Awareness Luncheon

Story and pictures from Albany RYDC Director Sandra Cawthon

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, the staff of the Albany Regional Youth Detention Center (Albany RYDC) came together to help raise awareness and fight this deadly disease whose negative effects can devastate families, organizations, and communities. Honoring two of their staff employees who are currently fighting the disease, the Albany RYDC staff held a Breast Cancer Awareness Luncheon to raise group spirits.

Part of the purpose of the luncheon was to inform people of the National Breast Cancer Foundation which helps to organize Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The National Breast Cancer Foundation's mission is to provide help and inspire hope to those affected by breast cancer through early detection, education, and support services. To learn more about the NBCF, visit them on the web at




     News from Girl Scouts Troop #965 DJJ Staff  at:  11/5/2015  
News from Girl Scouts Troop #965

Photos and story information from Troop Leaders Loronda Giddens, Sara Gardner, and Deidra Blalock

During Bullying Prevention Awareness Month, Girl Scouts Troop #965 created friendship bracelets at the Metro Regional Youth Detention Center (Metro RYDC). Each bracelet created symbolizes the extension of friendship towards those individuals who may have experienced bullying firsthand. During the project, Troop #965 viewed a short video of transgender woman and actress Laverne Cox telling her story about how she was bullied as a child. Anti-bullying messages were written on the bracelets as a reminder for the scouts to show compassion towards other individuals.

Earlier this year, the dogs for Rescue 2 Restore came to visit Girl Scouts Troop #965 at the Metro RYDC. The scouts were quick to warm to the dogs as they cuddled, pet, and played with them during their time together. By the time that the Rescue 2 Restore session had ended, even those girls who were hesitant to play with the dogs were enjoying the experience.

After playing with the dogs, the scouts paired up to help braid dog toys made from donated t-shirts from the Department of Juvenile Justice staff. The completed toys were then donated to the Ahimsa House, a non-profit that supports the pets of domestic violence victims. These toys were first tested out by the Rescue 2 Restore dogs on hand who were more than happy to give their stamp (or wag!) of approval.

To learn more about Girl Scouts at DJJ, visit DJJ's Rescue 2 Restore program can be seen at More information about Ahimsa House can be found online at




     Dougherty County CSO: Drug Free at Radium Springs Elementary School DJJ Staff  at:  11/3/2015  

Dougherty County CSO: Drug Free at Radium Springs Elementary School

Photos and information from JPM Christina Foster

On Friday October 30, 2015, JPM Christina Foster, JPPS Robbin Green, JPPS Jack Adams, and PA Kenshay Snead went to Radium Springs Elementary School in Dougherty County and spoke to the school for their Red Ribbon week program. The Dougherty County CSO staff handed out Halloween candy to the students and spoke about the purpose of DJJ and staying drug free.






     DJJ in the Community: District Ten Halloween DJJ Staff  at:  11/2/2015  

DJJ in the Community: District Ten Halloween

Several District Ten Department of Juvenile Justice employees participated in some Trick or Treat fun to the delight of some area youth. The experience provided a great opportunity for DJJ staff & youth to share some fun with other community members. DJJ staff members are committed to participating in community events that provide rewarding opportunities for our youth.

DJJ Lollipops

Thomas CSO staff preparing the lollipops: JPM Shalonda Brinson, JPPS Tomekia Hamilton, JPPS Aja Jones

Colquitt CSO staff preparing Trick or Treat Buckets : JPPS Jessica Smith and JPPS Charles Sneed

Colquitt CSO staff preparing Trick or Treat Buckets: JPPS Vanessa Dawson

Colquitt CSO staff: JPPS Jessica Smith, JPM Janet Pineiro, JPPS Vanessa Dawson

Thomas CSO staff luncheon: JPPS Aja Jones; JPPS Tomekia Hamilton; PA Kim Garland; JPPS Freddie Robinson; JPPS Lisa Owens; JPPS III Dawn Smith; JPM Shalonda Brinson; JPPS John Young

PA Kim Garland

Shalonda Brinson, JPM/Thomas

Dawn Smith, JPPS III/Thomas CSO

Ready for the Kids! JPPS III Dawn Smith; JPPS John Young; JPPS Lisa Owens; Laura S. Pike, DD/District 10; Shalonda Brinson, JPM/Thomas CSO

TRICK: Judge/DD Laura S. Pike throwing the book at JPPS Freddie Robinson!: LaDonna Brooks, Loftiss RYDC; JPPS Lisa Owens; JPPS Freddie Robinson; Laura S. Pike, DD/District 10; Shalonda Brinson, JPM/Thomas CSO

Janet Pineiro, JPM/Colquitt CSO





     Bob Richards RYDC: Share the Harvest DJJ Staff  at:  11/2/2015  
Bob Richards RYDC: Share the Harvest

Rome Juvenile Justice Team Joins “Share the Harvest” Effort -- DJJ Staff Collects Warm Clothes for Community Cold Weather Event

Team members from the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) facility in Rome have joined in the annual community “Share the Harvest" event this year to support the local homeless and home bound with food and warm clothing. The RYDC Team donated their “Share the Harvest” items on Friday, October 16th.

Left to Right: Patsy Adair, Sarita Henderson, and Sgt. Wanda Horton

As colder weather approaches the area, the DJJ Staff from the Bob Richards Regional Youth Detention Center (RYDC) in Rome began collecting coats, sweaters, socks, blankets and sleeping bags. Along with warm clothes, the contributions also included donations of travel size toiletries like soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Left to Right: Sarita Henderson, Director Gail Wise, Vincent Moreno (Organizer of Share the Harvest), and Patsy Adair

The Bob Richards RYDC Staff conducted their “Harvest" collections from mid-September through mid-October. They created gallon sized “survival bags” stuffed with nonperishable food items: such as soup cups, snacks, bottled water, peanut butter and jelly to help life on the street for some struggling Rome residents.

"Share the Harvest," is a faith and community effort involving local volunteers and churches to reach Rome and Floyd county homeless and home bound citizens. The program is an opportunity for the local faith community to engage many small congregations and their existing services along with committed volunteers to organize a much larger impact on the disadvantaged in the community.




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