DJJ Employee Recognition: Elbert Shaw RYDC DJJ Staff  at:  3/5/2014  

DJJ Employee Recognition: Elbert Shaw RYDC

(Story from Rebecca Galloway, Instructor II/Volunteer Coordinator, Elbert Shaw RYDC)

During the end of the month staff meeting at the Elbert Shaw Regional Youth Detention Center, several staff members were recognized and honored for their years of service within the Department of Juvenile Justice. Among the honorees included:

Mrs. Sandra Burch, AOC I - Five Year Service Certificate
Mrs. Tiny Williams, Kitchen Services – Ten Year Service Certificate
Mrs. Dana Jilani, Teacher – Fifteen Year Service Certificate
Mrs. Janetta Letson-McCoy, Special Education Teacher – Twenty Year Service Certificate

In addition to the service awards, Mrs. Stephanie Morrison was acknowledged for her dedication during the most recent weather storm. During the winter alert, Mrs. Morrison went above and beyond in preparing meals for the students and ensuring that all youth in her care were properly served and cared for during the event. Assistant Director Douglas Hartline and Regional Administrator Martha Dalesio also attended the monthly staff meeting. Lt. Dana Sisk was presented with her newly acquired lieutenant bars by both Mr. Hartline and Ms. Dalesio.

Congratulations to everyone honored at this month’s meeting!




     Elbert Shaw RYDC: Reading Celebration at the Blue Ridge Elementary School DJJ Staff  at:  3/4/2014  


(Story from Rebecca Galloway, Instructor II/Volunteer Coordinator, Elbert Shaw RYDC)

On March 3rd, Elbert Shaw RYDC Director Bobby Hughes, Juvenile Correctional Officer Jason Hope and Instructor Rebecca Galloway had the opportunity to take part in the 110th Dr. Seuss Birthday Celebration at the Blue Ridge Elementary School in Dalton. Each of them chose a Dr. Suess book to share with a class. Officer Hope got to read with a 3rd grade class while Mr. Hughes and Mrs. Galloway each got to read with a 4th grade class. The students were interactive and asked questions about the book shared with them.

At the Elbert Shaw Regional Youth Detention Center, giving back to the community through volunteering is an important part of our mission.




     Georgia Preparatory Academy: Integrating Technology DJJ Staff  at:  3/4/2014  


In the last few months, the Georgia Preparatory Academy has made a priority of the direct implementation of technology into the instruction of students in classrooms. The two main focal points for this technological push have been the Kindle Tablet Pilot Project and the installation of Promethean Interactive Learning Boards in select Department of Juvenile Justice facilities.

The Kindle Tablet Pilot Project, where Kindle Readers are provided to DJJ youth, has begun in five facilities across Georgia. The Kindles are being used to start book clubs for students including a disabled student book club at the Atlanta YDC and the Drop Everything and Read program in multiple facilities.

The Drop Everything and Read innovative reading program is focused on increasing academic achivement throughout all DJJ facilities. This program helps to reduce the so-called "summer slide" achievement gap that can affect disproportionally Georgia's disadvantaged youth. By getting students to enjoy reading, these same students begin to enjoy other types of learning as well.

The Georgia Preparatory Academy is also one of the leaders in the state in the use of Promethean Interactive Learning Boards. The Interactive Learning Boards are electronic whiteboards which combine pen and multi-touch functionality, integrated sound and software. The combined board effects help create an all-in-one immersive and interactive learing environment for youth in DJJ classrooms.

While many of the students of the Georgia Preparatory Academy are hard to reach through traditional teaching methods, the installation of the state-of-the art classroom equipment such as the Promethean Boards and Kindles bring a whole new dimension to learning that can help the education staff make breakthroughs in teaching. For more information on the Georgia Preparatory Academy's commitment to technology in the classroom, visit them on the web at




     Savannah DJJ: Chatham ISP City Hall Tour DJJ Staff  at:  2/21/2014  


Recently, DJJ youth in Savannah had the chance to experience a behind-the-scenes special tour of the Savannah City Hall. Viewing exhibits that highlighted chapters in Savannah's history, the youth were given a great overview of the history, architecture, and art that makes the city unique.

While originally scheduled to participate in the cleanup after the Georgia Day Parade, the youth instead got a private tour of City Hall chambers. Prior to this experience, none of the youth had ever visited City Hall or could even name the Mayor of Savannah. After the tour, there was excitement for public service and how government works.

The highlight of the tour for many of the youth was being able to sit in the Mayor of Savannah's chair in council chambers. Viewing two art exhibits including one that honored the S.S. Oglethorpe, Georgia's First Liberty ship helped to give perspective and feature the importance of Savannah through the beginnings of Georgia as a colony and state.

Special thanks goes out to Juvenile Program Manager Lakeasha R. Cooley and JPPS Stephanie Johnson, Florence Carpenter, and Alexander Shirah.




     DJJ at the Savannah Health Expo DJJ Staff  at:  2/17/2014  


Recently, committed youth from the Savannah office participated in a local Health Expo coordinated by the DJJ staff assigned to the Savannah Impact Program. At the Health Expo, the DJJ youth learnd about health care and wellness and received information from several health care, substance abuse, and mental health community vendors including the Chatham County Health Department, Union Mission, and the JC Lewis Health Clinic. Each of these vendors provide services for older youthful offenders and adults in the area.

The mission of the Savannah Impact Program is to protect the public from high-risk offenders (adult & youth) who are on parole/probation through a collaborative community corrections program with State and local Agencies by means of intense supervision, substance abuse counseling, and support programs to enhance the offender's re-entry into the community. The Health Expo is part of the Re-Entry initiative that DJJ has in collaboration with the Savannah Impact Program.





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