DJJ Careers: Lincoln Technical College Job Fair DJJ Staff  at:  8/14/2013  


On August 9th, DJJ staff members representing secure facilities from across the state participated in a job fair at the Lincoln Technical College in Marietta. Three interview panels were assembled to conduct on-the-spot interviews for the Atlanta YDC, Gainesville RYDC, Clayton RYDC, and Marietta RYDC. Among those from DJJ in attendance were:

Sharie McKevie, SMRT
Lalita Appling, Program Coordinator for Secure Campuses
Jessie Dewberry, SMRT
Monique Brandenburg, Program Coordinator
David Lynn, Assistant Director - Gainesville RYDC
Michelle Hamilton, Secretary II - Gainesville RYDC
Dan Roberts, Lt- Gainesville RYDC
Phillip Wallace, Captain - Gainesville RYDC
John Brown, Sgt. - Macon YDC
Tamara Clark, JCO - Macon YDC
Maggie Stidom, Lt. - Atlanta YDC
Lawrence George, JCO, Martha K. Glaze
Willie Hunt, Lt. - Marietta RYDC
Fra Maddox-Johnson, Assistant Director, Martha K. Glaze RYDC

Antonius Robinson, Director - Marietta RYDC
Martha Dalesio, Regional Administrator
Ronnie Richardson, Regional Administrator
Corey Butler, Regional Administrator
Debbie Alexander, Regional Administrator

Jessie Dewberry speaks with interested applicant

John Brown and Maggie Stidom speak with potential applicant

Martha Dalesio and Monique Brandenburg speak with applicants

Melissa Jackson and David Lynn speak with applicant

Ronnie Richardson and Corey Butler speak with interested applicant

Sharie McKevie speaks with applicant

Special thanks go out to Secretary II, Michelle Hamilton from Gainesville RYDC who brought all the necessary paper work (including background check packages) to conduct the interviews and to Secure Campuses Program Coordinator Lalita Appling for taking photographs of the event.

The Department of Juvenile Justice in Georgia (DJJ) invites you to look into a career serving youth in innovative and effective programs to help aid in their growth and development. DJJ offers exciting careers in Health Care, Behavioral Health, Law Enforcement, Human Resource Management, Human Resource Development, Administration, Food Service, Housekeeping, Plant Management/Maintenance and Education.

Come Join Our Team! For more information on how you can work with the Department of Juvenile Justice, visit our Careers Page at




     DJJ Commissioner Planning Statewide "Know the Law" Teen Forums DJJ Staff  at:  8/9/2013  


“Do You Know the Law?” That’s the question juvenile justice Commissioner Avery D. Niles wants to ask Georgia teens from Valdosta to Augusta this year as he plans a series of captivating teen forums around the state.

The Commissioner’s “Know the Law” forums are designed to educate students from twelve to twenty-one about the importance of acting correctly in the presence of law enforcement, about hanging out with the right friends, about making responsible choices every day, and about anticipating the kind of consequences to expect from reckless teen actions.

“My hope is teens everywhere will embrace the law, know what the law is, and know how the law applies to them,” Commissioner Niles said. “If all they know is what they’ve seen in movies or video games, there’s a serious reality crash headed their way and then it’s too late.”

The Commissioner’s forums focus on educating teen audiences about the law through conversations with local police chiefs, sheriff’s, prosecutors and judges. The professionals on these panels talk about what not to do on school campuses, and what teens need to know now to keep them away from trouble, and out of Georgia’s juvenile justice system.

“Education is still the key for many youth who are just another misdemeanor away from a parole violation that can lock them up in juvenile detention for months,” said Commissioner Niles. “Educating our young people about how the law applies to them and then intervening with new opportunities can reduce the chances of many of our youth becoming juvenile offenders."

With attendance from local churches, youth groups, and area schools, Commissioner Niles launched his first “Know the Law” teen forum this summer on a Wednesday evening in Gainesville, Georgia. The event drew more than 150 local students to the University of North Georgia’s Oakwood campus.

“Our goal is to draw out any young people at-risk, get them involved, discuss these issues and get them informed,” said Niles. “Our goal is about acting pro-actively, not re-actively in our communities.”

A familiar panel of local criminal justice experts fielded questions from the audience, spoke frankly, and offered some serious advice. The Hall County Sheriff, two Hall County Juvenile Court Judges, a Gainesville Police Major and a former youth detainee joined Commissioner Niles to cover topics from marijuana and misconduct on campus, to felonies and fake I-D’s.

The Judges answered questions ranging from teen sex and the law to misdemeanors and military service. In their discussion about juvenile records the panel also talked about which teens may get protection under juvenile laws and which teens may get prosecuted in the juvenile courts.

Commissioner Niles said this Hall County teen forum was also a great test run for what he hopes will become the successful blueprint for his long range plan to conduct many more teen forums across the state. The Department of Juvenile Justice maintains 28 juvenile detention centers in Georgia. Niles has set a personal goal to hold a teen forum in each of those host communities where DJJ runs a secure facility.

“We want to remind our youth that even as teens, their lives can present meaningful choices with significant consequences,” said Niles. “If they make positive choices now, they won’t have to face the negative consequences of having the professionals from our panels making crucial decisions that can affect their lives for years to come.”

“These face- to- face forums are a proven format for reaching out to at-risk youth in our communities,” Commissioner Niles said. “It’s so much simpler to have these conversations with our young people now, before the criminal life can find them. It’s immeasurably harder to break through to them after they get into serious trouble.”

“So whether we have standing room- only crowds at our next forum or if we only reach one or two young people at a time, it’s time well spent if we can help keep the population count down in Georgia’s juvenile justice system,” said Niles.

To see photos and coverage of the Gainesville – Hall County teen forum, visit us at this link: . The DJJ Commissioner will announce the date and location of his next “Know the Law” teen forum on the Department of Juvenile Justice “News & Views” webpage at .





     Lanier CSO at the Lakeland Community Day DJJ Staff  at:  8/9/2013  


The Department of Juvenile Justice Lanier Court Services Office (Lanier CSO) recently participated in a local Community Day in Lakeland, Georgia on August 3rd. Sponsored by the Lanier County Family Connections team, Community Day provided school supplies, food and refreshments, as well as fun activities for local area children. Donations of clothing were also given to those most in need.

Turnout for the event was large and there was great appreciation amongst the attendees for the received items. Among the many volunteers was JPPS II Tangela Sherman of the Lanier CSO who assisted with the event by working at the clothing table.

Thanks to all who participated in this great local event!






     DJJ in the Community: 2013 National Night Out Against Crime DJJ Staff  at:  8/9/2013  


DJJ Deputy Commissioner Sarah Draper and the command staffs of the City of Atlanta Police and Atlanta Department of Corrections with Councilmember Ivory Lee Young

On August 6th, the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice helped celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the National Night Out Against Crime. Joining forces with the City of Atlanta Department of Corrections, the City of Atlanta Police Athletic League, and the College Park Police Department, DJJ was proud to promote crime prevention awareness and law enforcement partnership with local communities.

The introduction of National Night Out, “America’s Night Out Against Crime”, in 1984 began an effort to promote involvement in crime prevention activities, police-community partnerships, neighborhood camaraderie and send a message to criminals letting them know that neighborhoods are organized and fighting back. National Night Out now involves over 37 million people and 15,000 communities from all fifty states, U.S. Territories, Canadian cities, and military bases worldwide. The traditional “lights on” campaign and symbolic front porch vigils turned into a celebration across America with various events and activities including, but not limited to, block parties, cookouts, parades, visits from emergency personnel, rallies and marches, exhibits, youth events, safety demonstrations and seminars, in effort to heighten awareness and enhance community relations.

Among those from the Department of Juvenile Justice who participated in this year's festivities included:

Sarah Draper, Deputy Commissioner of Secure Facilities
Monique Brandenburg, Program Coordinator
Arkeysha McCullough, Program Coordinator
Adam Barnett, PREA Coordinator
Amy Fortner, Director of Special Operations
Debbie Alexander, Regional Administrator
Pamela Mitchell, Facility Director for the Metro RYDC
Laticia Ethridge, Facility Director for the DeKalb RYDC
William Belflower, SMRT Commander
and from the DJJ SMRT Team....
Officer Maurice Colson
Officer Stanley Evans
Officer Jessica Williams
Officer Jesse Dewberry
Officer Betty Jackson
Officer Sharie McKevie
Officer Natasha Swift
Officer Kimberly Hicks
Officer Jesse Milledge
Officer Wilbert Barrett
JPPS Kelvin Martin

Officer Natasha Swift of SMRT and Darius Binion, Assistant Director/Acting Director of the Atlanta YDC

Deputy Commissioner Sarah Draper lending a helping hand at the Atlanta Police Athletic League

Deputy Commissioner Sarah Draper and SERT Lieutenant Dowell of the Metro RYDC

Deputy Commissioner Sarah Draper speaking to local citizens at the Atlanta Police Athletic League

Deputy Commissioner Sarah Draper and the Reverend Barbara Moody

The Department of Juvenile Justice Team at the finale at Booker T. Washington High School

 For more information on the National Night Out Against Crime, visit


Special thanks to Monique Brandenburg for details on this story!




     DJJ Cares: Summer Blood Drive with the Thomas County CSO DJJ Staff  at:  8/2/2013  


Jarrett Harrison, Case Expeditor

For the folks at the Thomas County Court Services Office (Thomas CSO), the best gift to give back to the community is the gift of life. On July 3rd, JPPS II’s Janie Holton and Lisa Owens organized and recruited participants as part of the Thomas County CSO’s Second Blood Drive of 2013.

Shalonda Brinson, JPM. Ms. Brinson also help contribute information for this story!

Parked at the Thomas County Juvenile Court parking lot, the Bloodmobile received donations and help from youth participating in a Service Learning Project, their parents, and staff members. Current staff who participated in the latest Blood Drive included Shalonda Brinson JPM, Ladonna Brooks JPPSI, and Todd Jones JPPS II. Retired staff member Milton Williams also stopped by to give a pint and to say hello to his friends.

Milton Williams (DJJ-retired)

All totaled, the Blood Drive lasted for four hours and was able to collect quite a bit of needed material for the area. Thanks to all who participated in this great effort!




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