The DJJ Healthy Way: October 2015 DJJ Staff  at:  9/30/2015  

The DJJ Healthy Way: October 2015 Newsletter

The October 2015 edition of The DJJ Healthy Way, the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice's Office of Nutrition and Food Services Newsletter, is now available for viewing. In this month's newsletter, learn about food happenings at the Bob Richards RYDC and the Sumter YDC, the Recipe of the Month, and an exciting Spotlight on Food Trends.

To download the latest version of The DJJ Healthy Way Newsletter, click HERE. To learn more about food services at our facilities, visit




     DJJ College Tour: DeKalb MSC at Morehouse College DJJ Staff  at:  9/29/2015  

DJJ College Tour: DeKalb MSC at Morehouse College

Recently, the staff from the DeKalb Multi-Service Center (DeKalb MSC) helped lead a tour of Morehouse College for facility youth who were in high school or who had recently obtained their high school diploma.

Youth participating in the Meet and Greet at Morehouse College were escorted to a variety of some of the most prestigious and historical buildings on the campus. After being given a brief history of the college from a local tour guide, the DeKalb MSC youth were served lunch back at the facility.

The college tour was a big success with all of the youth enjoying their time and experience at Morehouse College. Special thanks goes out to the DeKalb MSC staff who helped organize the tour including:

JPPS III Periscia Lane
JPPS II Crystal Smith
JPPS II Cornelius Hampton
JPPS I Tracy Owens





     DJJ in the Community: Bob Richards RYDC and the University of West Georgia DJJ Staff  at:  9/25/2015  
DJJ in the Community: Bob Richards RYDC and the University of West Georgia

Recently, leaders from the Bob Richards Regional Youth Detention Center (Bob Richards RYDC) were asked to give a presentation at the University of West Georgia in Carrollton. Speaking before the Fall 2015 semester students of "Social Work and Social Welfare", Bob Richards RYDC Assistant Director David McKinney and SSPII Darin Smith shared their knowledge and expertise as it relates to social work and juvenile justice in Georgia.

After introductions from Sociology Instructor Viviene Wood, Mr. McKinney spent time providing a brief overview of the Department of Juvenile Justice which included a detailed discussion of facility operations, the various roles and support that are provided by DJJ staff members, and information regarding how to apply for local internships in juvenile justice. A lively question and answer session followed the lecture and presentation which kept the class highly engaged and wanting more time to learn more.

The Department of Juvenile Justice is proud to work with community partners from across Georgia. To schedule a lecture or presentation from the DJJ, call 404-508-7147.




     DJJ Coin Wars: Part of Georgia DJJ Staff  at:  9/29/2015  
DJJ Coin Wars: Part of Georgia's 2015-2016 State Charitable Contributions Program

As part of the 2015-2016 State Charitable Contributions Campaign, the Department of Juvenile Justice is bringing the noise...the noise of donated change and coins for the most friendly competition of the year....COIN WARS! By feeding specially grown COIN MINIONS with their spare change, employees of DJJ compete around the state to see who has the most "metal" when it comes to helping Georgia's charities. To learn more about the State Charitable Contributions Campaign at DJJ and to donate, visit

District Director Laura Pike, Region Administrator Renee McClanahan, ACS Christi Turner, Region Administrator Victor Roberts, District Director Sammie Roper, District Director Rusty Rodgers, and District Director Emanuel Bryson pose with COIN MINION Community Carl on one of his many state road trips.

The DJJ COIN MINIONS have awoken from their slumber filled with pleasant banana dreams and the thoughts of plinking coins filling their bellies. THE COMPETITION IS ON TO SEE WHICH DJJ GROUP HAS THE RIGHT STUFF TO WIN THE COIN WARS!

The COIN MINION COMPETITORS for this year include:

Dave -- Central Office First Floor and the DJJ Training Center

Bob (a popular, purple, penny eater) - Central Office Second Floor

Kevin -- Central Office Third Floor

Stuart -- Central Office Fourth Floor

Jerry -- A mystical product of the Central Office Fifth Floor and Conference Wanderer

Steve -- The Official COIN MINION of DJJ Secure Facility RYDCs and YDCs

and, last, but not least.....

Community Carl -- The beloved Community Division traveling COIN MINION

The COIN WAR Competition is already off to a fast start this year. Jerry from the 5th Floor made it out to the Fiscal Managers Conference in Jekyll Island. Community Carl, riding the wave that makes him BMOC (Big Minion on Campus), has been in Augusta and will soon be moving to the NW Region. Dave, Bob, Kevin, and Stuart have been on an unforced diet at Central Office and look forward to gorging on tasty change shortly. As always, Secure Facilities Steve is the DJJ Mystery Minion...when you least expect him, expect him.

Special thanks to Catherine Ice, Minion Captain for the DJJ COIN WARS. Additional thanks goes out to the entire 2015-2016 SCCP Team including:

Sonja Allen, CFO, Chairperson
Alline Wade-Simon, Coordinator
Natasha Bray, Co-Coordinator
Allyson Richardson
ShaRon Lovett-Ozuem
Chevene Slocum
Melody Stanfield (4th Floor Coordinator)
Catherine Ice
Bonita Jackson
Nicole Hood (1st Floor Coordinator)
Sabrina Scott (2nd Floor Coordinator)
Carla Slaton
Dale Barfield
David Schwartz
Adrienne Dunson
Nicole Gaultney
Chelesa Bowen (3rd Floor Coordinator)




     DJJ and the Carl Vinson Institute of Government: Advancement Management Training Program DJJ Staff  at:  9/22/2015  
DJJ and the Carl Vinson Institute of Government: Advancement Management Training Program

Photos and story from
Office of Volunteer Services Program Coordinator
Carrie Hamilton-Shavers

The Carl Vinson Institute of Government conducted an Advancement Management Training Program during the week of September 14-18, 2015 in Forsyth, Georgia. Employees from the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice, Georgia Department of Corrections, and Georgia Department of Community Supervision received forty hours of training.

Graduation for AMT Class #18 convened on September 18th with eighteen graduates. Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice's Lieutenant Morris Brickle of the Waycross RYDC was selected by class peers to give the graduation invocation and Office of Volunteer Services Program Coordinator Carrie T. Hamilton-Shavers was selected by her class peers to be the Class Representative and give the class speech.

Individuals in DJJ group photo shown from left to right are:

• Eric M. Robinson, Carl Vinson Institute of Government Class Instructor
• Carrie T. Hamilton-Shavers, Program Coordinator, The Office of Volunteer Services
• Marchelle Pope, McDuffie CSO JPM
• Morris Brickle, LT, Waycross RYDC
• Jeffrey Petty, Milledgeville ITU Captain
• GDC Leadership Development Unit Program Coordinator Danny Smith

“The AMT class was awesome. It was very interactive filled with small group activities, mini lectures, assessment instruments, role play etc. Each day was busy and included group and individual reflection. In order to attend, one must be focused and willing to learn on a different level.” Carrie Hamilton Shavers

“I truly enjoyed the AMT class it gave me a great insight about what I’m presently doing and what I should be doing as a Supervisor.” LT. Morris Brickle, Waycross RYDC

“The program was excellent. I hope to be considered for the next class.” JPM McDuffie CSO, Marchelle Pope





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