Rockdale RYDC at the Grove Park Elementary Career Day DJJ Staff  at:  11/23/2015  
Rockdale RYDC at the Grove Park Elementary Career Day

On November 17th, staff from the Rockdale Regional Youth Detention Center (Rockdale RYDC) attended a Career Day at Grove Park Elementary School in Atlanta. Among the staff attending were:

Lieutenant Smith
Lisa Bell
Staci Hill
Sergeant Brown
Tamela Taylor
Lester Allen
Kalvin Westbrook
Sergeant Thomas

The Rockdale RYDC staff spoke to the youth of Grove Park Elementary during mulitiple class periods. Volunteer Coordinator Ms. Hill read a special note from Director Darius Binion encouraging the youth to make the most of their futures.

Lt. Smith told the youth about her job duties and what happens when a juvenile is placed in custody of a facility like the Rockdale RYDC. Bottom line, according to Lt. Smith, "you won't be able to do what you want to do."

During his presentation, Mr. Westbrook explained the intake proces at the Rockdale RYDC and his day to day responsibilities. The Grove Park students had many questions for Mr. Westbrook after his talk including many regarding warrants and phone calls.

Mrs. Taylor told the youth about the different areas of nursing. While explaining her duties, many students were facinated about the complexity of illness treatment in a facility such as the Rockdale RYDC.

As a juvenile detention counselor, Ms. Bell enjoys the interaction with the youth in her care. Her passion and knowledge about her job was evident to the students fortunate to listen to her presentation.

Sergeant Thomas told the students about the three sets of rules for the youth in his care at the Rockdale RYDC: the State Rules, the Facility Rules, and His Rules. Sergeant Thomas' honest presentation proved to be a highlight to many of the students.

Thanks goes out to the Rockdale RYDC staff who participated and the attentive youth at Grove Park Elementary School.





     DJJ in the Community: Supporting Devon Gales DJJ Staff  at:  11/20/2015  

On November 20th, the Department of Juvenile Justice spent some time with Southern University football player Devon Gales as he continues his rehabilitation from a serious spinal injury at the Shepherd Spinal Clinic in Atlanta. Representing DJJ was OCATS Director Lisa Casey Bryson as she and Governor Deal's Education Outreach Coordinator Pam Williams let Devon know that all Georgians are rooting for him as he works hard towards his recovery. DJJ Commissioner Avery Niles also had Ms. Bryson present Devon Gales with the prestigious "Commissioner's Challenge Coin" to show DJJ's agency support.

Injured during the University of Georgia/Southern University football game in September, Devon has maintained a positive attitude throughout his rehabilitation and has become an inspiration to others overcoming obstacles. Devon's strength will be on display this weekend as he plans on attending the University of Georgia/Georgia Southern University football game to "show appreciation to all of the Georgia who have supported me."

Southern University athletics and the Southern University System Foundation have developed The Devon Gales Fund in an effort to provide financial assistance to Devon and his family to cover medical expenses. To donate to The Devon Gales Fund, click here.



     Dougherty CSO: Toy Chest Drive DJJ Staff  at:  11/20/2015  
Dougherty Community Services Office: Toy Chest Drive

On November 16th, the Dougherty Community Services Office (Dougherty CSO) participated in a toy drive sponsored by the Division of Child Support Services (DCSS) of the Department of Community Health in Albany. The Toy Chest Drive was part of DCSS's outreach program involving Problem Solving Court and Fatherhood.

Among the Dougherty CSO participating in the Toy Chest Drive were JPM Christina Foster and JPPS II John Roger. Special thanks goes out to Angela Williams-Jackson and the entire DHS group for sponsoring this great event to bring holiday joy to youngsters in Southwest Georgia.





     DJJ and the Thomas CSO: Special Olympics DJJ Staff  at:  11/19/2015  

DJJ and the Thomas CSO: Special Olympics

Story and pictures from DJJ District Director Laura Pike

On November 12th, it was nothing but net for the students participating in the 2015 Local Winter Special Olympic Games at the Thomas County Central High School.

DJJ Staff were front and center to work with over 150 students from area schools ranging from kindergarten to the Twelfth grade in Thomas County who participated in basketball drills and games. The Winter Special Olympics was arranged by the Thomasville YMCA/ Thomas County Recreation and Thomas County Special Olympics Advisory Committee.

"These kids don't get to do a whole lot so when you have special events like the Special Olympics and when we have our dance you know these kids they depend on that. That's their excitement, so they look forward to that every year."

Thomas County Central High School won first place during the local competition and now the teammates will take their competitive skills to go for the gold medal in Atlanta at the statewide finals.

"We did a good thing. Glad we won and that all of our team won, it's the best day," said Davius Pinkins, a Special Olympics participant.

For George Brown, Jr. a Special Olympics Board Member, learning these skills can only help the students. "It's a good fellowship for them to learn skills about different games or if they ever go to a game they'll know what's going on."

The students received their awards after participating in the games. From here the Thomasville YMCA will start practices next week for the Special Olympics State Games in Atlanta this January.

District Director Laura S. Pike, local Thomasville Kiwanis members and Thomas County CSO staff all helped younger students with their basic basketball skills during the time that the high school special needs students participated in the tournament.

DJJ employees volunteering in the Special Olympics Winter Games were: JPPS I Freddie Robinson, JPPS I John Young; JPPS III Janie Holton, JPPS III, Dawn Smith, JPPS III, Lisa Owens, and DD Laura S. Pike (Kiwanis Board Member). DJJ staff members are committed to participating in Community Events that provide rewarding opportunities for our youth and strive to help all of our students reach their greatest potential and thrive.





     Volunteering Matters: Fall 2015 Newsletter DJJ Staff  at:  11/18/2015  
Volunteering Matters: The Fall 2015 Newsletter of the Office of Victim, Volunteer and Chaplaincy Services

Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) is grateful for its many volunteers who help improve the lives of our youth both in our facilities as well as in the community at large. With Volunteering Matters, we hope to highlight the great work that takes place daily due to the hard work and efforts of our volunteers.

The Volunteer Services Program is responsible for the recruitment and screening of prospective volunteers, as well as their orientation and training. Volunteers with DJJ serve in a variety of capacities in all 21 Regional Youth Development Campuses, 7 Youth Detention Centers, and 92 Community Services Offices in Georgia. The DJJ Volunteer Services Program Mission is to recruit, retain, and promote volunteers who are dedicated to providing an array of services to DJJ Youth. The volunteers will help motivate and empower our youth to become productive and law-abiding citizens in their communities.

The DJJ Volunteer Services Philosophy is to develop and increase volunteer opportunities which enrich our young offenders. The program is established to encourage a lifetime of volunteer commitment to service.

To read the Fall edition of Volunteering Matters, click here:




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