DJJ in the Community: Mitchell County Teen Maze DJJ Staff  at:  2/27/2017  
DJJ in the Community: Mitchell County Teen Maze

Photos and information from Assistant Director of Reentry Services Cathy Smith-Curry

In February, DJJ staff from the Office of Reentry Services, Community Services and Volunteer Services all participated in a Teen Maze event held at the Mitchell County Agriculture Center. Working various stations at the Teen Maze, DJJ staff conducted sobriety tests, provided information on the risks associated with gang activity and discussed issues associated with being a teen parent. Eighth-graders from public and private schools in Mitchell and Baker counties participated in this event.

The Mitchell County Teen Maze is an interactive life simulation where students are shown the positive and negative consequences of future behavior and life choices. The maze allows youth to explore real-life situations and their consequences without the permanency that would occur if they happened in actuality. Along the maze, these eighth- graders draw their "fate" out of a bag as community professionals in different fields present information. As they continue from station to station, these teens encounter the real-life choices and consequences that can interfere with obtaining a high school education. The ultimate goal of the Teen Maze for the participants is to reach graduation with a focus on continuing their education and succeeding in life.

The Teen Maze is sponsored by Family Connections of Baker and Mitchell County. DJJ would like to thank all of the participating departments in this important local event.

Cathy Smith-Curry conducting a sobriety test

Cynthia Joyce

Fredrick Wrenn and Katrina Dennard

Fredrick Wrenn, Katrina Dennard and Ervin Warren

Keith Jones, Jessical Jennings, Fredrick Wrenn, Cynthia Joyce, Cathy Smith-Curry, Ervin Warren and Katrina Dennard




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