Law Enforcement Torch Run: Whitfield County DJJ Staff  at:  5/16/2017  
Law Enforcement Torch Run: Whitfield County

Story and main graphic by Maria Rondel. Photo provided by Renee McClanahan

The Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) is continuing its partnership with the Special Olympics of Georgia to raise funds for athletes with intellectual disabilities across the state.

The Law Enforcement Torch Run is the largest statewide fundraiser for the Special Olympics of Georgia. Funds raised through the Law Enforcement Torch Run help offset the expenses of the State Games and are specifically used for facility rental, housing, meals, sports equipment rental and purchase, officials’ fees and medals.

Over 26,000 athletes are expected to participate in the event this year. For a few days, these children and adults will compete in a high-quality sports competition, interact with their peers and experience new places and events. Participation in the State Games also means these athletes are focusing on a goal, learning new skills and developing healthy habits that may lead to improved overall health.

The law enforcement staff of Georgia continue supporting the cause by participating in Law Enforcement Torch Runs throughout Georgia. Just last Thursday, May 10, DJJ NW Region District 1 law enforcement community members participated in the event and ran over eight miles for the cause in Whitfield County.

Several more Law Enforcement Torch Runs will take place; the final Torch Run will be held on May 19 in downtown Atlanta. Sign up today to help make this year’s Final Torch Run the biggest one ever held!

If you or your group from any DJJ facility are interested in running in one of these fundraiser legs around the state, please contact Latera Davis via email at or Montrail Mitchell at, so we can organize with the day’s host agency and maximize DJJ’s Torch Run reach. Your help is vital to the continuation of Special Olympics Georgia!




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