Patrina Hart: Central Office Employee of the Month for August 2017 DJJ Staff  at:  8/1/2017  

Congratulations Patrina Harp on being selected as Central Office Employee of the Month for August 2017!

Ms. Harp is a Personnel Technician in Human Resources. According to her supervisors, she has consistently shown expert knowledge in her field. Her willingness to assist anyone with personnel questions at a moment’s notice is truly commendable. She has shown dedication to her position and team members.

Over the past couple of years she has worked numerous special projects with efficiency and without complaint. She is attentive to the minutest of detail and never hesitates to stop what she’s doing to assist any member of the team. With a diversified skill set, she has been very helpful and maintains a friendly attitude towards all of our customers. She epitomizes the values of this agency and is deserving of the Employee of the Month award.

Please join me in congratulating Ms. Patrina Harp on a job well done.


The Nominations Committee

DJJ’s Employee of the Month Recognition Program
– How Nominees Are Selected

Beginning January 2015, the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice kicks-off its first “Employee of the Month” program for Central Office employees. Names of nominees are selected by the DJJ Executive Team from members of their units or divisions and submitted to be recognized as the Central Office Employee of the Month. Included with the nomination is a one page write-up detailing why the staff member should be given consideration to be selected Employee of the Month.

Then each month, the Nomination Committee makes their selection for the employee to receive public appreciation the following month. The written nomination is reviewed and signed by Commissioner Avery D. Niles and posted for public recognition on the DJJ “News & Views” website. Each nominee selected by the committee will be recognized at a monthly DJJ Board Meeting and entitled to use the Employee of the Month parking space reserved at Central Office.

The DJJ Central Office Employee of the Month award is intended to recognize and support those stand-out DJJ team members who bring additional motivation, determination and vigor to the workplace through their personal ethics, advocacy, positive attitudes and innovative solutions to impact the professional challenges faced by their dedicated colleagues and the troubled youth they serve.





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