Message from DJJ Commissioner Avery D. Niles: DJJ and State Offices Open on September 13th DJJ Staff  at:  9/12/2017  

Good Afternoon Team!

As recovery efforts for Hurricane Irma are underway in Georgia, we are first grateful that members of the DJJ Team and their families are safe and not negatively impacted by the storm.

We depend on members of this dedicated Team to persevere in these times that challenge our responsibility for the safety and security of the youth placed in our direct custody and care. Now, we see more work to be done in the days ahead and we continue to look to your leadership.

Governor Nathan Deal, in consultation with the Georgia Emergency Management Agency, has issued instructions to agency heads for the opening of Offices of State Government. The Department of Juvenile Justice will resume normal business hours on Wednesday, September 13, 2017.

The following guidance is in effect for the Department of Juvenile Justice:

All DJJ personnel should return to work. If you are scheduled to work, you should report for your normal work schedule on Wednesday, September 13, 2017. As a reminder, Policy mandates that security staffing be maintained at appropriate levels.

However, if some unforeseen reason restricts you from reporting to work, I am requesting that you notify your supervisor as soon as possible. I need you to be at work. We at DJJ have a very important role to play when it comes to the rehabilitation of our youth, so I am depending on you. Please drive safely as you travel to and from your work assignment.

DJJ Staff in the metropolitan Atlanta area will also be officially notified of any other pending announcements through WSB (ABC) television (Channel 2), WSB 750 AM and WSB 95.5 FM. Other DJJ Staff will be notified through their supervisors and the DJJ website at and DJJ Facebook and Twitter.

Please post a copy of this message at your work place and share a copy with colleagues who do not have DJJ on-line access. Again, thank you for your outstanding service during Hurricane Irma.

Avery D. Niles, Commissioner
Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice

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